Biocolloids group GIF

Backcountry Pizza & Taphouse 09/2015


Mark Borden, Principal Investigator

Jordan Bouldering

Jordan S. Lum, PhD student

Alec Thomas

Alec N. Thomas, PhD student


Gazendra Shakya, PhD student


Connor Slagle, Professional Research Assistant

Lab Alumni:

Postdoctoral Scholars

Shashank R. Sirsi (Asst. Professor at UT Dallas)

Sumit Garg (Director of Biophysics at Berg Pharma)

Sameer Dalvi (Asst. Professor at IIT Gandhinagar)

Doctoral Students

Kang-Ho Song (CTO of Advanced Microbubble Labs LLC)

Paul A. C. Mountford (Founder of Respirogen Inc)

Jacob D. Dove (Sr. Engineer at Medtronic)

Jameel A. Feshitan (founder/CEO of Advanced Microbubble Labs LLC)

Cherry C. Chen (Preclinical Pharmacology at ImClone Systems)

James J. Kwan (Asst. Professor at NTU Singapore)

Masters Students

Scott Satinover (now at Halliburton)

Christopher Doudna (now at Agilent)

Lukasz Zielinski (now at Promyk Zdrowia)

Henning Blomback (now at Columbia University)

Adel Koubaa (now at Avantus)

Shunxi Ji (now at Dow Chemical)

Zhobou Li (now at Mayo Clinic)


Lab alumni:  Follow us on LinkedIn

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